I'm a friendly helpful assistant that can do those important things you never seem to get time to do.

As your virtual admin assitant, or in your office if you're nearby, I can help you with...

Paperwork - Invoicing - Emails - Phone Answering - Travel Booking - Appointments - Spreadsheets - Data Input - Forms & Process Documents - Compliance Management And More

Letting you get on with the job!

Some of the things I can do for you...

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Based in Norfolk (England) but helping businesses throughout the UK, I'm an experienced admin assistant with an eye for detail and a methodical approach to any task that needs doing. Always helpful, friendly, professional and with a "can do" attitude.

I can help your business grow by letting you concentrate on what you do best and helping with all the important admin tasks that get in the way.

Whether it's a couple of hours, a day, or a couple of days or longer. Whatever you need I can help you with my cost-effective, flexible and professional administration services.

Whether you are a sole trader, a small business or even larger I can help you run your business.

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Just call me on 07595 925662, it'll be great to discuss how I can help your business

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I can look after and answer your emails on your behalf, or make sure you know about the most important ones!

Allow me to access your client contact lists, confidentially of course, and send out that email you need sending to your customers. All you need to do is send the information, or I can write it for you, and I'll send it out for you.

Once we know you and your business, we can help you send out any notifications and updates you want to give your customers and help you measure their impact.


Phone Calls

Do you need your office phone covered whilst you are out on a job, in that meeting or on holiday?

I can provide a professional courteous phone answering service. I'll take down the name and phone number of the caller as well as the reason for their call and send you an email with all these details.

This means that their call is answered and they are happy and you don't get disturbed, and for those important calls, they will be happy they received a call back as soon as possible!



Need help writing letters and other correspondence? I'm happy to help and ensure you look as professional as possible.

Using the latest desktop and cloud technologies I ensure you have easy access to all documents produced and, if necessary, can easily review prior to them being sent.

Or perhaps you just need your letters proof-read or tidied up before they are sent? I'm experienced in all types of professional letters, and other document writing, and sometimes a different set of eyes will spot a spelling or grammatical error that may have been overlooked when you have looked at a document so many times


Spreadsheets & Data

As well as collating information for you, I'm able to enter this data into your existing spreadsheets, or create new spreadsheets for you!

Perhaps to keep a record of those certificates you need for your employees, your equipment, your vehicles. The possibilities are endless.

I can then help you ensure this is updated as the new certificate is received and audited periodically to make sure all information is up to date.

To help with keeping your records up to date, I can also provide a Reminder Service. This can be sent via email to you as a gentle reminder of when that important certificate etc is due to expire giving you enough time to arrange for renewal.


Form Filling and Templates

You probably don't have enough time to fill in all the forms your business gets to complete, I can help take the load off and ensure they are completed accurately and promptly, with the minimum of input from you.

And, if you have information that needs to go into a form, to help your businesses processes for example, but don't have the time to put that form together, I can do this for you!

Just send over the information, a simple sketch will do, and I'll prepare an initial draft then liaise with you from there to get it just right.


Invoicing & Purchasing

Invoicing accurately, and on time, is key to the cash flow and health of your business. But while getting paid is great many business owners find invoicing just another job.

I can help you by generating invoices on your behalf, sending them to clients, answering their queries and ensuring they have all they need to pay you on time.

As well as invoicing I can help with expenses, even if you just have a pile of receipts!

I can also help with the ordering materials and services on your behalf, making sure everything is under control, accurate and easy to find.